Emma is a trans journalist, researcher and transparency activist working to get government information released and freely available to the public. Since 2015, Best has published millions of government documents (well over 10% of the text items on the Internet Archive). She has also analyzed these documents in MuckRock, Motherboard, Unicorn Riot, AND Magazine and Atlas Obscura. Her work has been referenced by outlets like BuzzFeed and discussed in the New York Times and the Washington Post, among other outlets. Since she started, no outlet has matched the number of government documents that Best has made freely available, including the online release of CIA's 13,000,000 page CREST database. She has helped get more pages of government documents online than even WikiLeaks has. Until recently, those documents could only be accessed from four computers in the world, all of them just outside of Washington DC. Now they're online and being made fully text searchable at the Internet Archive. Some of her notable uploads include: - Danny Casolaro's notes and research papers FBI files on over 1,700 people and groups. - 35,000 EPA documents. - 20,000 military documents. - 11,000 NSA documents. - 110,000 CIA documents. - 100,000 pages of UFO reports. - 3,000,000 State Department papers and cables. - Terabytes of 9/11 data. - The most complete and freely available collection of files on the JFK and Martin Luther King assassinations, including a reindexed copy of the Weisberg JFK Archive. - The public archive of TIME Magazine issues. Best has launched several projects with a special focus, including: - The Reagan's Wrongs Project, looking at Iran-Contra. - Debategate. - The Inslaw scandal. - The Scientology is Fair Game project: A look at Scientology, including their infiltration of government. - Attacks on private citizens and the deaths of people in their care. She is now suing the FBI over these records. - The Haters Project: A look at the hundreds of hate groups around the United States, as identified by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Help Emma change our understanding of history by sponsoring her Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EmmaBest Remember, transparency naturally encourages government reform.
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