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Casino Gulag – The US Empire Plays Russian Roulette

White Helmets or Whitewash?

When The Truth Bombs

The Cost of Permanent War

Fear & Loathing in the Newsroom

As the biggest humanitarian crisis since WWII rages on, people in developed nations seem to be indifferent.

But away from the basic media snapshots, a different and more authentic story emerges.

So is the media portrayal today of immigrants, migrants, and refugees painting a distorted picture to suit its own agenda?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by former Aleppo resident Dina Ariss, and broadcaster and filmmaker Tazeen Ahmed.

Also on Renegade Inc

Corporate Media Bust Your Trust

Anna Brees and Des Freedman met up with host Ross Ashcroft to discuss how the mainstream media has managed to betray the trust of the people it should be serving.

Who Funds Terror Inc?

To work out who really funds Terror Inc, Host Ross Ashcroft travelled to Kakanomics to talks to Carl Schiotz Wibye and Loretta Napoleoni.

Do you want more drums of war?

Today, even after so many official lies when we speak about reasons to go to war it seems that there must be total public compliance.

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