Neoliberalism: The Obama/Clinton War On Liberty And Democracy

During the past election cycle, our political elites, oligarchs, and the DNC decided another eight years of neoliberalism was just the medicine America needed, and they did everything in their power to ensure that it happened, regardless of what America really wanted.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the elite oligarchs relied exclusively on the propaganda megaphones of the New York Times and the Huffington Post to broadcast her message. In fact, reporting on the 2016 election by the New York Times was so biased and deceitful that its owner issued subscribers a written apology promising change and an investigation.

Election 2016: A Sure Thing Or Was It?

Forecasters, pollsters, and pundits all “guaranteed,” with a 99 percent probability, that Hillary Clinton would be the victor in the US election, even though, a national poll reported only 6 percent of Americans viewed Hillary Clinton as honest and trustworthy.

In spite of Hillary being in disrepute, America’s heavily biased media rallied around, and parroted, her highly negative, divisive, and mean-spirited campaign “message.” Hillary’s message utilized a propaganda technique first championed by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi party’s head of enlightenment and propaganda—if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

To be clear, Hillary Clinton and her cabal of complicit, corporate-owned, pay-to-play media spun a false narrative to misdirect and terrify voters, subliminally instilling a message of FEAR and HATE. The indoctrination mantra crafted to deliver this payload of fear and hate went like this: Donald Trump is misogynistic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, and a serial liar. He’s the next Hitler and the most dangerous person to ever run for the presidency. And, it didn’t stop there. By inference, all Trump voters, indeed all Republicans and Trump appointees, must share similar values.

Hillary Clinton’s Base

Hillary supporters were composed of two main groups: the grassroots and her money base. The grassroots supporters were an entitled, indoctrinated, and underemployed generation of precious snowflakes (aka millennial, social justice warriors) to whom Hillary’s campaign slanderously propagandized that Trump was Hitler and Putin’s puppet. The campaign went further and falsely claimed Trump had “declared a war on women.”

Her money base consisted of pay-to-play financial elites, neoconservatives within the military industrial complex, and left-leaning liberal consumers from New York and California. These liberal elites, sipping Dom Perignon in their hundred-million-dollar penthouses, sponsored “I’m with Her” fundraisers while listening to Jay Z’s misogynistic rap and giggling with Hollywood A-listers.

And all the while, Team Hillary (Robby Mook, John Podesta, Joel Benenson, and Hillary Clinton) were tone-deaf to the economic plight of everyday America.

Death Of Democracy

The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1823

In a recent interview with the UK’s BBC, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was asked “whether fake news might have swung enough votes toward Donald Trump to change the results?” His response: “Sure.” Pichai continued by saying that Google was taking steps to remove fake news sites and fake news stories. He added that, for the past year, Google has been looking at how to fact-check articles and work to promote “trusted journalism sources.”

Pichai’s statements are enough to send chills down George Orwell’s spine given that the New York Times, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC are not exactly pillars of journalistic integrity—in fact, they are sometimes worse than “fake news” websites. In addition to the more established media, along came Facebook, Twitter, and Google—companies that are already selling data to governments.

Google and Facebook have been caught manipulating algorithms to make political candidates look more favourable. Twitter uses “Shadow-blocking” and algorithm manipulation to “fix” which stories trend and which don’t. Frightened yet? You should be because suppression of free speech is a fascist tactic. Should we worry? You bet. There are no checks and balances on Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Additionally, Google and Facebook have recently admitted to arbitrarily manipulating news flows and have promised to “change” things. Matt Lieberman uncovered that Google was involved in actively altering search recommendations in favour of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The media actually suppressed WikiLeaks’s disclosure of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. During these speeches, Hillary proved that her public and private positions were vastly different. When the DNC usurped democracy by disenfranchising Sanders, Clinton adopted Bernie Sanders’s populist messages stating, “I will fight hard to end the stranglehold that the wealthy and special interests have on so much of our government.” But if you read the speeches Hillary gave at Goldman Sachs, it is evident that the private Clinton is completely at odds with the public Clinton.

What’s very scary about the situation our world finds itself in is how our political elites, in concert with their media propagandists, spin the idea that the public’s growing distrust is corrosive to government authority and democracy. This gives the elites the excuse to claim there is no other option but to censor the Internet—because if it’s not news for the elites, or news approved by the elites, it must be fake.

Google/Alphabet’s Pay-to-Play DC Connection

Traditional media has ignored all conflicts, bias, or potential pay-to-play connections between Google/Alphabet and Hillary’s political campaign. During the past four years, Google/Alphabet employees visited the White House nearly once a week and spent more money lobbying in Washington than any other single company. In 2009, Jared Cohen, a Hillary Clinton staffer was hired by Google to head Google’s internal think tank. In 2015, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired senior Google executive Stephanie Hannon as the presidential campaign’s chief technology officer. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, even started a company to manage Hillary Clinton’s digital campaign.

In 2016, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, was appointed by Defense Secretary Ash Carter as chairman of the Pentagon advisory board.

Obama And Clinton Are Not Leaders; They Are Poor Losers

In Germany, during President Obama’s final European tour, instead of calling for unity and an end to the professionally organized, hate-filled, riotous protests against Trump’s election, Obama gave protestors a green light by stating, “Don’t be silent.” The New York Times reported, “In Obama’s remarks to activists, Obama urged them to stop moping and ratchet up their opposition to Mr. Trump by Thanksgiving. He promised to join their cause soon after, telling them: ‘You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff to do.

Hillary Clinton has not condemned these violent protests either. Even though before the election, Clinton said, “We’ve been around for 240 years. We have had free and fair elections. We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and anyone who doesn’t is an enemy of democracy.” Once again, liberals show that they believe in democracy as long as it goes their way.

There is no calming voice of reason, and as WikiLeaks points out, the violent protests have ‘mega-donor’ George Soros’s fingerprints all over them—a fact that is not being reported in the media.

From Reporting News To Editorializing:

Appearing on Stephen Colbert, just as Donald Trump won Florida and became a lock to win and become president-elect, Mark Halperin said, “Trump is on the door step of 270 electoral votes.” Colbert replied, “Wow, wow, that’s a horrifying prospect. I can’t put a happy face on that, and that’s my job.” Halperin said, “Outside of civil war, WWII, and including 911, Donald Trump being elected as president may be the most cataclysmic event this country has ever seen.” Mark Halperin is co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics and a senior political analyst for MSNBC and Bloomberg Television. MSNBC’s political commentator and host of The Rachel Maddow Show stated, “As Mr. Trump edged towards victory, you are aware you are not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also, you are not dead, and you haven’t gone to hell. This is your life now; this is our election now; this is us; this is our country; this is real.”  The left claim to be liberal and accepting—if you agree with them. Otherwise, liberals become a bunch of intolerant fascists.

The Democratic Process Has Spoken

In 2015, I told people Donald Trump would win this election. Well, he did. And now we need to come together and support our president-elect and the democratic process.

Let’s look beyond the propaganda and be the progressive, tolerant, and inclusive country that we know as America—the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Our electoral process has spoken. It’s time for Americans to join together, to unify and rally behind President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence.

Mitch Feierstein

Mitch Feierstein

Mitch Feierstein is a British-American investor, banker and writer. He has worked as a columnist for the Daily Mail and currently works as a columnist for The Independent and the Huffington Post. Feierstein appears regularly as a financial commentator on SKY, BBC, and RT. In 2012 he published his first book, Planet Ponzi, which gives his perspective of the global credit crisis.

Getting to know Mitch Feierstein:

- How do you spend your days?

In addition to acting as an advisor to several family offices I am a Managing Director at Storia Inc. a multi-media platform created to change the paradigm in digital content creation, delivery and consumption. Storia will leverage the generational shift away from traditional media to 'mobile and video first'.

-What in your answer to Q1 is especially important to you and why?

It is important to make an impact that can positively influence change.

The west has lost its way, capitalism and free markets have been bulldozed by the interests of .001% of the USA’s gargantuan Military Industrial Complex. Add in a dash of 'narrative designed to move forward specific political agendas', a controlled media, owned by six mega corporations and a cabal of reckless misguided academic central bankers - you have the perfect recipe for either:

1) The worst global economic depression in history, or

2) Civil war, as the left’s political repression of speech, thought and conduct has become 'nazism of the left,' which will end badly, or

3.) World war.

- What drove you to focus on finance & investment? Was there a particular moment you can remember that led you to this field?

Yes. When I was in college I was fascinated by everything 'Wall Street'. I was drawn in by the action and went to work in World Trade Center, Tower I in the very early 1980’s. OUCH.

- What drives you professionally?

Every day presents a different set of challenges.

-In your opinion what are the three biggest problems facing the developed and developing world?

1) Non-elected out-of-control rouge central bankers acting as risky, highly leveraged speculative hedge funds – picking market winners and losers.

2)Non-elected politicians in Brussels that want to strip EU citizens of sovereignty, liberty and democracy.

3) Extremism by the left: A 'social-justice' movement designed to end conservative thought. It seems like totalitarianism because it is. The left are only tolerant, accepting, inclusive if you agree with their opinions – when you disagree they become intolerant, violent fascists.

-If you hadn’t become an investor what would you have done?

Played golf on the PGA tour.

-If you look at recent history, can you identify a turning-point that explains how we come to face the peculiar challenges of today?

It was the excesses of the 1980’s and 35+ years of failed neo-liberal thought and policies that began with bill Clinton and ended with Obama. In reality, this was plunder, (financial fraud), on a massive scale that saw wealth inequality ratios skyrocket.

It started with Larry Summers and Robert Rubin’s convincing Bill Clinton to scrap Glass-Steagall – this allowed securitisations and use of derivatives as speculative financial instruments or weapons of mass financial destruction that allowed creation of massive credit, leverage and debt.

-What are the lessons we failed to learn during and since the 2008 crisis?

Nothing learned – we have re-inflated the same bubbles only larger – no meaningful deleveraging and risk assets are now even more risky.

- Name one measure we might implement immediately to improve the situation.

Immediately stop the central banks madness.

- If you were a President / Prime Minister what would your first three pieces of policy be?

1) Audit, shudder the Federal Reserve Bank, deflate the bubbles and jail the financial terrorists.

2) Disband and dismantle the deep state and shadow government operatives working on behalf of the military industrial complex en mass.

3) Maintain sovereignty – secure the nation- ensure democracy- end the policy failures and restore growth.

- What was your biggest & / or your most recent mistake?

Biggest mistake: owning a huge position on Lehman options.

Most recent: assuming central banks would act rationally.

- Name the book that changed you.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

- What would you do differently if you were to start all over again?

Nothing, no regrets I move forward!

- Give our readers, members and subscribers a piece of advice that has served you well.

Never invest in anything you don’t fully understand and never, ever believe that 'it is different this time'.

- What is your main anxiety where you and / or your family are concerned?

How the coming global financial collapse unfolds and will DC be stupid enough to allow WWIII.

- What gives you hope for humanity?

As we near our darkest hour, a ray of sunshine will brightly illuminate the process in which we may begin to rebuild our crippled, corrupt and broken financial and political systems from the ground up… The revolution is coming prepare now…
Mitch Feierstein

2 thoughts on “Neoliberalism

  1. Why do we need to “come together” and rally behind Donald Trump? I live in a democracy, so, I can continue to oppose Donald Trump everyday that he is in office if I like- that is my right as a citizen. (and in my opinion, my duty to oppose his nascent fascist tendencies.)

    Because Clinton or Obama were neo-liberal shills is not evidence that, therefore, Donald Trump is a great leader, or populist that we should all “rally” behind. The narrative that he is somehow a “populist rebel” doesn’t match with the reality that his cabinet is full of billionaires. Rex Tillerson is a populist hero? Devos is a champion of the American working class?

    I appreciate your critique of neoliberals, Clinton and Obama, however, that this critique leads to the conclusion that we ought to become cheerleaders for Trump- I find no cause for that either in logic or in my conscience.

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