The Creative Industries are worth about £10million pounds an hour to the UK economy. But few of us have the patience needed to put up with being continually patronised by another piece of infantile advertising.

“You’ve got to separate craft and context, concept. There are a lot of people calling themselves creative who are actually mere stylists. And that’s absolutely where we’re at now. There is no creative thinking. There is just a lot a lot of style.”

So are creativity and commerce comfortable bedfellows?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the author and renowned advertising man Dave Trott and asks what’s killing creativity?

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6 thoughts on “What’s Killing Creativity?

  1. The ‘creative’ industries that build prosperous nations are those based on engineering and science – as China shows, that’s as true today as it was 200 years ago.

    The UK has chosen another way (debt-based consumption and casino fiance) and has no way – and never now will have – of maintaining position at the top table.

    And so the UK is in the process of joining the likes of Spain, Italy, Greece etc. as post-colonial formerly powerful nation which got lazy and greedy (ie decadent and degenerate) and is proceeding into poverty, with factories replaced by coffee shops, whilst other more industrious nations which place great value in design, production and export of goods prosper.

    This process will be complete within the next five decades – Brexit or no Brexit.

  2. von manstein and guderian were very creative so was hitler, and also goebbels, in the beginning…..advertising, from bernays, one way or another is in the same category of massive destruction of the human spirit. .

  3. Creativity is a positive response to changing context. The broad change in context today is toward less opportunity and more constraint, against a background of debt, inequality and increasing conservatism. This unsurprisingly does not foster much of a positive response, but does encourage fear and nostalgia. This can be seen in all aspects of creative industries, not just in advertising. To break out of it, we need a politics that responds to the underlying challenges humanity faces with courage and determination, however at present politics is blocked by corporate and financial power. Maybe the inability of these organisations to talk to us about their products will lead to their demise.

  4. Advertising – the art of getting people to buy things they don’t want in the first place.

    Capitalism might be efficient without it, making things people actually want.

    We will all be better off without this “creative” industry.

    Renegades, buck up your ideas.

  5. 1. History has it that creativity left the building for Britain and her colonies with Thatcher and Reagan. So sorry you’ve passed but life is short.
    2. Writers and creative directors were having tiffs about who’s boss 40 years ago, still today? – nothing new and creative there.
    3. Japanese cars staged a takeover because they were and are well built compared to the US and British cars of their time.
    Current western groupthink is a monoculture but nature thrives in diversity….too bad….just lucky we have big data, hello Google, to identify and squash diversity/creativity at the core.

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