About us

At Renegade Inc. we see the world differently.

The old, established ways no longer work.

Bringing together the most exciting thinkers, writers, leaders, and creators, we explore the most urgent topics of the day.

And propose inspiring new ways to do things.

Renegade Inc. is an independent knowledge platform for people who “think differently”.

Many more people are now questioning the conventional wisdom of modern life and asking a simple question: how do I live and work well during the age of uncertainty?

Renegade Inc. was founded to answer some of those questions.

Our editorial ethos is to be best not quickest – we are not slaves to the news cycle. 

Renegade Inc. was co-founded by Megan and Ross Ashcroft, award-winning film producers and co-founders of the advisory and investment business Motherlode.

“Renegade Inc. has got to be one of the best kept broadcast secrets. The one truly open minded programme where you will hear every political view across the political spectrum without prejudice. ”

@1972 chitekwe

“I have a feeling that this conversation would never see the light of day at the BBC. ”

@Stephen Shuttleworth

“Watching Renegade Inc at the moment, open mouthed. Erudite, informed debate and critiques of the neoliberal order. Listen. Think. Observe. This programme should be all over the UK media. Nothing to do with the Kremlin. This is truth for a woke generation.”

@ wulf_9

“At last. I’ve discovered a programme that informs, educates and entertains. I am not alone!”

@ Pete Alford

“Your work gives me hope. But we all have our part to play. Thanks for standing on the shoulders of giants, making us all a bit taller.”

Niamh de Barrah

“Another important show from Ross Ashcroft and his guests on the importance of truth in journalism, the public’s ignorance of propaganda used by its government and specifically the distortion of truth by institutions like OPCW the provoke war and millions of deaths. Watch!”


The Renegade Inc. Story


Renegade Inc. started as a side hustle.

Co-founders work two jobs to get the original brand “Renegade Economist” off the ground.


Renegade Economist launches focusing on producing media around land monopoly and its associated economic crises.


Founders were vindicated as the housing crisis gripped the UK and US

Renegade Economist YouTube channel launched.


Began self-funding Four Horsemen to maintain editorial control.


Start production on Four Horsemen whilst running Motherlode as an advisory business.


November – Four Horsemen World Premiere – Competition for First Appearance at IDFA in the Netherlands

Nominated for the Oxfam Global Justice Award.

Global distribution begins.


Four Horsemen Survival Manual written with Mark Braund is published.

Four Horsemen screenings and Q&A’s gallop on…


Renegade Economist pilot TV show offered to broadcasters but we couldn’t maintain editorial control.


Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund £35,000. 384 backers pledged a total of £47,108 to bring the platform to life.


Renegade Economist becomes Renegade Inc. to cover wider socio-economic issues.


Renegade Inc. begins the UK broadcast and global release of the programme and the team can maintain editorial control.


Team grows – as does our audience.


Approached to sell the brand but founders decline the offer and realise that Venture Capitalists have let the maths class take over the art department.


Renegade Inc. rebranded and re-launched.


Top rated flagship Finance, Economics and Business programme.


Partnered and delivered on world first AI project.


Established a global bureau presence.

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