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Renegade Inc. is an independent knowledge platform for people who think differently. We find thinkers, writers, leaders and creators in search of the best new ideas, businesses and policies. Many more people are now questioning the conventional wisdom of modern life and asking a simple question: How do I live well during the age of uncertainty? Renegade Inc. was founded to answer some of those questions.

Renegade Inc was co-founded by Megan and Ross Ashcroft, award-winning film producers and co-founders of the advisory and investment business Motherlode.

Megan – was previously the Associate Director of UBS Investment Bank and consultant at Lloyds TSB. 

Ross is a strategic advisor to businesses in different sectors and currently advises Asymmetric Return Capital.

Claire Connelly – is the lead writer of Renegade Inc – an award-winning freelance journalist and founder of subscription experiment, Hello Humans. With more than a decade of experience, Connelly writes for leading publications including The ABC, SBS, The Saturday Paper, The Australian Financial Review, Vice, New Matilda and more. 

The site has been slowly expanding to support our award-winning documentary content over a period of three years in which we were doing market research and refining our editorial strategy. 

Renegade Inc. has embarked on it’s global launch –  it’s a media company and knowledge bank for the renegade spirit in everyone. 

Renegade Inc. was initially Kickstarter crowdfunded by 385 people in 35 different countries. The brief for the project is simple: deliver independent journalism which examines everything we got wrong about the economy, finance, business, tech and leadership which led us to this moment in history.

Renegade has chosen to forgo venture capitalism or selling equity in favour of subscriptions, licensing and partnerships with institutions and organisations which support our editorial ethos. This means we are truly independent. We are launching with three desks in London, New York, and Sydney. This number will grow by the end of the year. 


Renegade Inc. examines everything we got wrong about the economy, policy, finance, business, tech & culture that led us to this god awful moment in history and where we go from here. The site is designed to throw down the gauntlet in terms of how we talk about and report on the economy, finance, business, tech, policy and culture. Often these categories are poorly reported on. We hope to be the new standard against which other reporting is measured. 

Renegade is an information service first, not a news website. We believe chasing the news cycle is a losing battle that compromises journalism. Our editorial ethos is to be best not first (quickest). We are here to workshop stories with journalists and experts that have a longer shelf life and with greater research and public interest values under-pinning them. Reporting that is narrow and deep not shallow and wide. 

Enjoy this platform. If you have comments or suggestions, you can make them here. If you would like to speak to the team behind Renegade Inc. you can contact them here.

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