Meet the Renegades

Meet the Renegades: Stewart Cowley


Stewart Cowley is one of the few people who has worked on Wall Street, The City and in the Fund Management Business who says openly the problem with the finance industry is they don’t understand the word ‘enough’. His admission is refreshing.

Smart Living


The Education Game

Sooner or later everyone takes an interest in how children are educated. It’s a deep parental motivation to ensure your children have the best opportunities in life, and a good education plays a central role in that. But how do you judge what makes a good education?

Thinking Differently


Thinking Differently with Marin Alsop

We meet with Marin Alsop, Principal Conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra.

business & Life


Ad Men or Sad Old Men?

We have a look how the modern ad industry is very different from the Mad Men era. Back then it was all about selling campaigns, billboards and TV airtime, today it’s a business that specialises in selling your personal data.

Economics & Finance


The Finance Curse

Can a country suffer from a Finance Curse? We are joined by Richard Werner and David Buik to discuss.

Renegade Leader


Hey Britain – Your Kids Have Just Been Privatised

The infamous Conservative March 2016 budget was to capture ‘the next generations’ and control their cognitive map. Most people judge others using their own value system. The British, in general, are a reasonable, tolerant, decent bunch. The problem with reasonable, tolerant and decent people is they can miss Machiavellian moves when they have to scrutinise somebody.

The Arts


What’s Killing Creativity?

Our latest episode of Renegade Inc. host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the author and renowned advertising man Dave Trott and asks what’s killing creativity?