Meet the Renegades

Meet the Renegades: Naila Kabeer


Naila Kabeer is not your average economist. She speaks directly about the human condition, performs fieldwork and complies her own statistics. In this episode of Meet the Renegades, we speak to Naila about global access to labour markets, the strain living in an economy puts on the ability to act in solidarity.

Smart Living


The Education Game

Never before have young people had more access to free information but, ironically, never before in human history has education been more expensive or stressful.

Thinking Differently


Thinking Differently with Marin Alsop

We meet with Marin Alsop, Principal Conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra.

business & Life


Workplace Gamification – fun and games?

This global workplace malaise is a drag on productivity and is reckoned to cost billions in lost GDP through absenteeism, stress-related illness, and the costs of staff turnover. We look into why…

Economics & Finance


An Epidemic of Economic Ignorance

The last two issues of Economic Perspectives drew on observations made while I was on a month’s visit to South Africa, during which time the Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, presented his annual Budget to Parliament in Cape Town. He was robustly resistant to calls from a variety of special interest groups for more welfare spending than his budget could extend to, and I could see that his unwavering steadfastness amid all that clamour was putting his personal position at risk.

Renegade Leader


Hey Britain – Your Kids Have Just Been Privatised

The infamous Conservative March 2016 budget was to capture ‘the next generations’ and control their cognitive map. Most people judge others using their own value system. The British, in general, are a reasonable, tolerant, decent bunch. The problem with reasonable, tolerant and decent people is they can miss Machiavellian moves when they have to scrutinise somebody.

The Arts


What’s Killing Creativity?

Our latest episode of Renegade Inc. host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the author and renowned advertising man Dave Trott and asks what’s killing creativity?