Meet the Renegades

Meet the Renegades: Leslie Thomas on Disenfranchisement


One event can lead to high emotions across a country as seen through the case of Mark Duggan. Leslie Thomas QC tells us why and what tensions still exist.

Smart Living


Graham Brown-Martin on the Globalisation of Education

In this clip from our Meet the Renegades interview, we speak with Graham about transforming our education systems and his view on preventing a intellectual mono culture.

Thinking Differently


Thinking Differently with Kim Vose

Renegade Inc. shares a canoe trip with Kim Vose, a guide and teacher in Maine.

business & Life


How Trump and The EU’s Demise Can Boost India’s Economy

Trump’s presidency as well as the positions taken by Western liberal elites will provide India with a wonderful opportunity to grow and take its place as an economic powerhouse.

Economics & Finance


An interview with Michael Hudson

The full transcript of our interview with economics professor and author, Michael Hudson where we discuss the phenomenon of debt deflation and how the economic curriculum should change in education.

Renegade Leader


Hey Britain – Your Kids Have Just Been Privatised

The infamous Conservative March 2016 budget was to capture ‘the next generations’ and control their cognitive map. Most people judge others using their own value system. The British, in general, are a reasonable, tolerant, decent bunch. The problem with reasonable, tolerant and decent people is they can miss Machiavellian moves when they have to scrutinise somebody.

The Arts


Talkshow: Daan Roosegaarde

We meet up with Daan Roosegaarde, Dutch artist and innovator. He is a creative thinker and maker of social designs, working with his team of designers and engineers towards a better future.