Renegade Inc. Why now?

The world feels out of kilter. We’re seeing massive social and financial upheaval.

Lives turned upside down. Global markets in meltdown.

Some people say this is capitalism gone wrong. But that’s not the case.

We’re not being told how the system actually works. That it’s an outdated neoliberal model.

Rigged to benefit a small minority of people. And democratic governments have lost control.

At Renegade Inc, we’re here to explain how this happened.

We’ll look at things differently. Consider new options.

Help readers, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders make informed decisions.

So we can all find a new path.


Simple, truthful language,
over confusing language and complexity.


Keeping our operations small,
while engaging a large audience.


Opportunities for everyone,
not just the entitled few.


Education for all.
And not in a way that’s all about making money.


Creating real value and real wealth,
not just a cycle of credit and debt.


Business that isn’t just driven by profit,
but also works for the greater good.


Conservation and collaboration,
over consumption and self-interest.


Fairness and common sense,
not petty rules and bureaucracy.


Lasting working relationships,
not short-term, quick-buck alliances.

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