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Professor of Management, University of Tasmania

Clive Boddy

Clive is Professor of Management in the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. Prior to academia Clive had a career in market research in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and the UK. He turned around two market research offices and then co-founded a successful multi-national market research company with six other equal partners in Asia-Pacific. After returning to the UK, Clive became an Associate Professor in Marketing at Middlesex University in 2000.

Subsequent to reading a small piece on executive psychopaths, Clive recognised some of their characteristics in former colleagues and undertook research in Australia for a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) on the subject of corporate psychopaths. Later, Clive also gained a PhD in the UK on the same subject. Clive has now been studying, reading about and researching corporate psychopaths since 2005 and has published two books, one book chapter and over thirty-five academic papers on their behaviour. Clive’s on-line TedX talk “Corporate psychopaths and Bullying” and documentaries in which he discusses corporate psychopaths and the global financial crisis; “Power Psychopaths” and “The Psychopath Next Door” have been collectively viewed over two million times.

Clive’s first book on corporate psychopaths was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011 and is called “Corporate Psychopaths Organisational Destroyers”. His latest book is called “A Climate of Fear: Stone-Cold Psychopaths at Work”

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