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Will the US War Machine Roll On?
Robert Fantina

Propaganda, Lies and False Flags

The United States has been at war for 227 years of its 244-year history. It is currently at war in seven countries and its special forces operate in 149 countries. While a full history of U.S. wars could fill bookshelves, author and journalist Robert Fantina has distilled this century-spanning succession of warfare into a single volume. His third book published with Red Pill Press, Propaganda, Lies and False Flags: How the U.S. Justifies Its Wars details all the major wars of American history, plus many of the minor and mostly forgotten ones.

From the wars against the Native Americans and the War of 1812, through the period when the U.S. became a super power, to the global killing fields of the past 70 years, Fantina shows how little the playbook has changed over the generations. Propaganda, lies, and false flags: these have been the means to bring the country to war, and they will remain so until we wake up to the deception.

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