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Marc Friedrich, Caitlin Hahn, Matthias Weik

The Crash is the Solution: Why the Ultimate Collapse is Coming and How You Can Protect Your Wealth

Germany’s most successful business book of 2014 in English now.

It’s no longer a question of whether the crash will happen, but when. All of the measures taken toward saving banks, national economies, and the euro boil down to the maximization of damages and state bankruptcy for Germany, for which case the expropriation of private citizens has long been in preparation. Government bonds, pension funds, life insurance policies and bank accounts – these are the things that will lose the most in a crash that should come sooner rather than later. Only then will the political and business sectors be open to making radical changes. When the crash comes, we’ll need fast solutions!

In their e-book, economics experts and authors of three bestsellers Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich thoroughly and clearly describe what has caused and who benefits from the crisis. But their predictions are not completely pessimistic when it comes to securing your wealth. The two financial strategists explain in simple terms how you can redistribute your money into tangible assets before the crash in order to keep your savings safe.

The book immediately made it onto Spiegel magazine’s bestseller list and has caused quite a stir. In this book, the authors correctly predicted the outcome of EU elections, the ECB’s interest rate cuts and negative interest rates for banks, and the lowering of the interest rate guaranteed by life insurers – just to name a few examples.

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