America’s ‘Manifest Destiny’

With the election season in the US once again in full swing and the country more divided, polarized and angrier than ever, the geopolitical and economic tremors are sure to be felt way beyond American shores. Just before his death, the renowned former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker outlined a sinister turn he feels the […]

2020 Vision

As we begin the new year and new decade, we have invited some friends of the show into the studio to ask for their bold predictions and what is really going to unfold in 2020.

Renegade Retrospective

It’s that time again where we look back at 2019 and ask what happened? The Renegade team selected some of the highlights of interviews from 2019 them so to cut through the noise and bias and give you a more balanced insight into what’s really going on.

Privatised Planet

With only a few days into a new right-wing UK government, a minister has conceded that extra nurses in the publicly-funded National Health Service (NHS) won’t be in place for another decade. This admission has been made against a backdrop in which thousands of nurses year-on year are leaving the service and where a private insurance based […]

Batsh*t Construction

Over millennia, and certainly since Field of Dreams, the idea that build it and they will come has prevailed. After Kevin Costner’s massive success, it seems that politicians have taken his gung ho approach to construction literally. Olympic stadiums, often bankrupt host nations and the skyscraper index, tells us that the world’s tallest buildings are […]