Privatised Planet

With only a few days into a new right-wing UK government, a minister has conceded that extra nurses in the publicly-funded National Health Service (NHS) won’t be in place for another decade. This admission has been made against a backdrop in which thousands of nurses year-on year are leaving the service and where a private insurance based […]

Batsh*t Construction

Over millennia, and certainly since Field of Dreams, the idea that build it and they will come has prevailed. After Kevin Costner’s massive success, it seems that politicians have taken his gung ho approach to construction literally. Olympic stadiums, often bankrupt host nations and the skyscraper index, tells us that the world’s tallest buildings are […]

Zombification of Europe

Clearly, zombification is a process that works at the psychological level, but what if it is also symptomatic of a far broader malaise indicative of neoliberalism? Daniel Margrain draws on the thoughts and ideas of the economist, Matthias Weik to explain how this all fits together.

Do you want more drums of war?

Today, even after so many official lies when we speak about reasons to go to war it seems that there must be total public compliance. How do we resist a militarised, herd mentality that will lead to bigger geopolitical conflicts that could end in mutually assured destruction?

Reheating The Cold War

Is this continual talk of the New Cold War legitimate or could Western politicians be peddling an old idea so to distract their citizens from thinking about their increasingly limited freedoms and diminishing standards of living?

License to be bad

Why are so many people rewarded for exploiting society? Could it be that our overall economic incentives are skewed? What if the way our economics have evolved now punishes those who want to do what’s right and rewards those who do wrong?

Rising Tides

You only have to experience the futility of a climate breakdown debate to understand how disconnected human beings have become from nature. When it comes to the natural world our human superiority complex prevents us really connecting with the very thing that sustains us. Like the Amazon, the irony burns. So we need a rethink.

Sunset On The West?

The rise of China and other emerging economies isn’t a new phenomenon. So the tectonic plates of trade shift and global economic power twists and turns. Dr. Lee Jones and Mitch Feierstein met up with Renegade Inc. to consider what the transition from a unipolar western hegemony to an interconnected multipolar world really looks like.

Renegade Think

Renegade Inc. caught up with the comedian Shane Mauss to find out what he thinks about the shift towards a new era of psychedelic-assisted therapy and if a change in attitude towards psychedelics can begin to address the escalating mental health issues of our increasingly neurotic world.

Extreme Cities & Economics of Apartheid

Many of us make the assumption that cities are a safe haven or a controlled environment able to negate the effects of man-made climate change. But what if this assumption is counter-intuitive and actually it’s the city dwellers who are most vulnerable? We speak with author Ashley Dawson about the two huge global tides.

The Real Art of Entrepreneurship

The Riversimple mission is straightforward, to turn sustainability from a bottom line cost into a source of competitive advantage so we can all begin to eliminate the environmental impact of our personal transport. Renegade Inc. caught up with Hugo Spowers and Adam Lusby to talk cars, entrepreneurship and building the companies of the future. 

A Leaderless Revolution

After much exploration, one of the things that has truly inspired Bruce Parry is the idea of egalitarian living. He doesn’t want to turn back the clock but he does want us to rethink our leadership structures and muster the courage to look within so we’re able to fundamentally change the modern, western narrative.

Follow the money: How the world really works

On the cusp of the next economic crisis, some people are waking up to the reality of how the world really works. In fact, daily, more and more people have stopped drinking the Kool-Aid and have started joining the dots. Their mission is simple: to understand how far the tentacles of the vested interests really reach to maintain the status quo.

Thatcher’s Museum – Are We Living In It?

Margaret Thatcher is undoubtedly one of the most divisive people in British political history. But whatever you think of her she’s a woman whose economic policies still reverberate today. She’ll always be known as someone who loved the tenuous idea of linking property ownership to democracy, who valued the economy over society and thought that a big bang liberation of the City of London would deliver untold riches for everyone.

The Quickening

Maintaining the status quo is an increasingly difficult job. A more informed global public now means that selling war, lying in the media and justifying crony capitalism is met with understandable disdain. This is a problem for the establishment and the propagandists who work on its behalf. For propaganda to work, you need people to […]