Neoliberalism – An Idea Swallowing The World


Neoliberalism is sold to the public as a simple package that’s easy to understand, in the capable hands of professional politicians and economists. But what lies beneath this pernicious economic idea that is responsible for almost all the chaos we see around the world?

Financial Capitalism: The Endgame


On this week’s show we meet Marc Friederich and Matthias Weik – two economists who didn’t succumb to groupthink after the 2008 crash and now see financial capitalism’s end game.

PFI – A Fraud on the People


Successive British governments have used the Private Finance Initiative since the early 90’s to fund infrastructure and public spending – but the scheme has always been controversial.

Never Book a Judge by His Cover


This is the story of a cop who didn’t feel he was getting justice, so in his capacity as someone who could uphold the law, made an arrest he maintains was lawful and paid the price for his actions.

No Man’s Land


For our survival it’s vital that we all treat land, nature and the environment as the source of all our wealth – not a disposable asset of globalisation.

The War for your Mind


How do we break a vicious cycle that allows the media to facilitate the wanton acts of the military industrial complex?

Security Services Cinema – Lights, Camera, Redaction


What effect on society do screenwriters have if their work is being influenced by institutions that push a government narrative?

Rouge Trader! Rogue Nation?


We have managed to locate the rarest of things, namely a banker that actually went to prison for financial malpractice.