Rising Tides

You only have to experience the futility of a climate breakdown debate to understand how disconnected human beings have become from nature. When it comes to the natural world our human superiority complex prevents us really connecting with the very thing that sustains us. Like the Amazon, the irony burns. So we need a rethink.

What’s So Great About “Free Trade”?

Those leading the anti-EU, pro-Brexit charge want Britain to sign “free trade” deals with the US and growing economies. What they don’t tell you is that the very EU policies they claim to oppose are cut-and-paste into “free trade” deals outside the EU. Tim Coles explains that “free trade”, EU or non-EU, is bad for working people: and we have NAFTA as a historical model to prove it.

What’s the real plan with Iran?

The Middle East has always been seen as a vast sandpit for military powers to fight their proxy wars. The latest country to be threatened to have Western democracy visited upon it is Iran. Will the presence of other actors in the region now change the balance of international power?