Volatility in the Age of Quantitative Tightening

We are witnessing the largest real-time, Pavlovian experiment in global capital markets that’s ever been conducted. The conditioning of the last 10 years in the asset management business has rewarded more and more passive strategies, with fewer and fewer people tasked with understanding the big picture. So what happens now in a new era of quantitative tightening?

HSCB – A rebel bank with a cause

Artists and film-makers Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn took over a co-op bank to enact community driven debt relief, by the people for the people, in a bid to educate the public about how money and credit are actually created. And instead of putting the Queen on their money, they are making heroes out of the Garys, Sarahs, Tracys and Steves who are fighting for economic justice amid the fallout of the current system we are forced to live under.

We cannot fight the NRA through a fog of doubt

The students of Stoneman Douglas High School and their allies cannot take on the NRA with passion alone. If gun control has any chance of succeeding, advocates will need time to understand exactly how their opponents operate.