Zombification of Europe

Clearly, zombification is a process that works at the psychological level, but what if it is also symptomatic of a far broader malaise indicative of neoliberalism? Daniel Margrain draws on the thoughts and ideas of the economist, Matthias Weik to explain how this all fits together.

Do you want more drums of war?

Today, even after so many official lies when we speak about reasons to go to war it seems that there must be total public compliance. How do we resist a militarised, herd mentality that will lead to bigger geopolitical conflicts that could end in mutually assured destruction?

Reheating The Cold War

Is this continual talk of the New Cold War legitimate or could Western politicians be peddling an old idea so to distract their citizens from thinking about their increasingly limited freedoms and diminishing standards of living?

License to be bad

Why are so many people rewarded for exploiting society? Could it be that our overall economic incentives are skewed? What if the way our economics have evolved now punishes those who want to do what’s right and rewards those who do wrong?

Rising Tides

You only have to experience the futility of a climate breakdown debate to understand how disconnected human beings have become from nature. When it comes to the natural world our human superiority complex prevents us really connecting with the very thing that sustains us. Like the Amazon, the irony burns. So we need a rethink.