Renegade Inc. Manifesto

Renegade Inc. Manifesto

Whilst there is value for some people in the things on the right… we feel the principles on the left are more valuable to everybody.

» Simplicity and transparency over confusing language and complexity.   

» Small scale and distributed over large scale and centralised.

» Contribution and service over monopoly and entitlement. 

» Access to education for everybody over a commoditised education market. 

» Real wealth and value creation of over the creation of money and debt. 

» Profit as a by-product of good business over profit as the business motive.  

» Conservation and collaboration over consumption and self-interest. 

» Discernment and common sense over unjust rules and bureaucracy. 

» Long-term personal relationships over short-term financial relationships. 

» Distributed democracy over representative democracy.