Does anyone interesting live in London anymore?

As London has become a global financial hub and a real estate speculators dream, it has priced out the people who once made the city diverse, interesting and cosmopolitan. What happens to the arts if artists can no longer afford to live in the big smoke, or attend its increasingly elitist art schools? This week we’re on the road at Sunday Papers Live, talking with artist, Darren Coffield about the silent art exodus from London and asking: Does anyone interesting live in London anymore?

I could have done that

Thanks to the commodification of culture, artists have been maligned and minimised to societal anomalies, indulgent characters living in an alternative universe whose success owes either to their innate eccentricity, or hopeless romanticism. Everyone’s a critic. The snobbish refrain, ‘I could have done that’, speaks volumes about the diminished role of art in dominant culture.