America’s ‘Manifest Destiny’

With the election season in the US once again in full swing and the country more divided, polarized and angrier than ever, the geopolitical and economic tremors are sure to be felt way beyond American shores. Just before his death, the renowned former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker outlined a sinister turn he feels the […]

Modern day propaganda

Influencing hearts and minds at home to achieve foreign policy objectives abroad isn’t anything new, but many people have become increasingly skeptical of half-truths in the mainstream media that help promote regime change in other countries. As public trust wanes and more critical questions are being asked about the real agenda around intervention, are we becoming more aware of modern day propaganda?

Cambridge Analytica & the myth of internet voodoo magic

The Cambridge Analytica revelations are not proof of some internet voodoo magic, they have merely demonstrated, perhaps for the first time, how online advertising actually works. Except that, according to UK consultant, Matt Muir, we don’t even really know if it works.