Our prisoners’ dilemma

Crime and punishment have always been bedfellows. But what if many of the assumptions that we make around the justification of that punishment are simply false? Joining us to discuss the current state of the British prison system and what can be done to improve it, former prison monitor and criminologist Faith Spear and Dr David Scott, senior lecturer in criminology at the Open University.

Australia’s final solution

For a government which claims to worship at the altar of agility, efficiency and the entrepreneurial spirit, Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is letting a potential thriving workforce wither on the vine in detention. Why are we wasting so much human talent by not working with these resourceful, resilient victims whilst they await their fate? The ‘innovation nation’, the country of the fair go, has decided it could not possibly entertain a system of incarceration whose cruelty wasn’t entirely by design.