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Diverse, informed and never short of opinion, our brilliant guests are the lifeblood of Renegade Inc. Dissecting the issues of our age from all angles, they never fail to inspire.

Director of Engineering , Electronic Frontier Foundation

Alexis Hancock

Alexis Hancock works to encrypt the web by managing the Certbot and HTTPS Everywhere projects. She researches issues on digital rights and consumer technology. Her latest research focuses on digital rights and our digital identities in the age of COVID-19. Deeply passionate about tech equity for all, she has been aiding activists and educators with their tech needs for 10 years. 

Past talks include speaking about Dark Pattens impact on user privacy, cloud security, decentralized technology, and how to protect against malware. She has worked in web development and application security for 8 years and earned degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Media Arts and Technology (B.Sc.) and The New School in Organizational Change Management (MS).  

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