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Andrei Nekrasov

Andrei Nekrasov is a Russian-born film, TV and theatre director and writer. He studied acting and directing at the Drama, Music and Film Institute in his native Leningrad; then philosophy and comparative literature at the University of Paris (Paris VII and Paris VIII) taking a DEA (pre-doctoral) degree. He completed a filmmaking course at Bristol University Post-Graduate Film School (RFT) in 1986.

In 1985 he assisted Andrei Tarkovsky during the filming and editing of the director’s last film, “The Sacrifice”. He went on to make internationally co-produced films and arts TV programmes (notably “A Russia of One’s Own”, “Pasternak”, “Prokofiev, the Prodigal Son”, “Children’s Stories: Chechnya” etc.). His first drama short “Springing Lenin” (1993) won a prize at Cannes Film Festival (in the Critic’s Week section) that year. In 1997 his first feature “Love is as Strong as Death” won the FIPRESCI (International Critics’) prize at Mannheim film festival. The director’s second feature, “Lubov and Other Nightmares” (2001) was presented in two sections at Sundance FF in 2002 and won recognition at many festivals all over the world (notably Berlin FF). His well known political documentaries include “Disbelief” (about Moscow terror attacks), “Rebellion, the Litvinenko Case” (in the U.S. “Poisoned by Pollonium – the Litvinenko File”) and “Russian Lessons” (about Georgian-Russian war 2008). In 2011 he directed a 6-part series “Farewell Comrades” broadcast in more than 20 countries (Grimme Prize 2012). His other documentary series, “In Search of Putin’s Russia” made for Al Jazeera (English) was praised for its balance and thoughtfulness.

His German theatre productions (of his own plays) include “Koenigsberg” at the Volksbühne in Berlin, and “Der Spieler” at Euro Theater Central in Bonn.
His book “The Magnitsky Case. Who is behind the new cold war?” was published by Eksmo in Russian in 2017.

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