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Rouge Trader! Rogue Nation?

We have managed to locate the rarest of things, namely a banker that actually went to prison for financial malpractice.

But what should be a story of crime, punishment and justice, has another chapter with a potentially political subplot.

Having served his sentence, the so-called ‘rogue trader’ who cost a bank around £1.3 billion pounds, now has the fight of his life to stay in the UK, a country that he has called home since he was twelve years old.

Host Ross Ashcroft speaks to Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS trader about the culture of banking, his experience of the judicial system and why he is now fighting the Home Office against deportation.

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Deported! Life On The Other Side

Kweku Adoboli is a former UBS trader who served over three and a half years in prison for a white collar crime in the U.K.

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