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Head Hand Heart

Science and Spirituality

What if our minds only take us so far? What if the blizzard of information we’re exposed to doesn’t get us closer to answering the bigger questions? What if the small doesn’t satisfy the large?

At a time when organised religion is in free-fall and atheism is scrambling to fill the void many people are still searching for answers.

Host Ross Ashcroft meets Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist who has spent much of his life thinking about the limits of science and the limitless nature of spirituality, to discuss if the West is having an underground spiritual revival.

Also on Renegade Inc

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Rafe Hubris is the comic alto-ego of satirist and stand up, Josh Berry. Ross met up with Rafe to discuss his thinking on some of the pressing issues of the day.

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We look back and bring together the best of some of our guests so you can re-live 2020 in glorious technicolor...

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Sophie and Scarlett Rickard explore why the classic book, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, remains so relevant today.

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