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Thinking Differently with Roger Mavity

Ross Ashcroft speaks with Roger Mavity – former Chief Executive of the Conran Group and author of The Rule Breakers Book of Business  – about the idea that success at work is much more likely to be achieved if we are happy and confident in what we do. HINT: it’s only by ignoring the conventional wisdom.

Also on Renegade Inc

The Amazon Chernobyl

The catastrophe dubbed the Amazon Chernobyl is probably the world's worst oil related disaster on earth and yet few people have heard about it.

COVID-19 And The Rise Of Individualism

There are lessons to be learnt from nations which prioritise the goals and wellbeing of the many rather than the few.

Introducing The Time Rebels

How do we free ourselves from the tyranny of wall-to-wall zoom calls and our so-called smart devices and become time rebels?

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