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The Collapse Of Complex Societies

Jeffrey Sterling: Unwanted Spy

Rivers Of Power

The Amazon Chernobyl

Environmental Breakdown: The Green Horse

Poverty is blighting the lives of millions of people, and the environmental crisis is already making things worse. As with poverty, our failure to tackle the causes of climate change, and to ration the use of natural resources, are inevitable consequences of the way the economy is run.

The problems of terrorism, poverty and the environment are all connected; they stem from a flawed economic system that nobody voted for.

Understanding why the economy is failing is key to unlocking the knowledge and power to do something about it.

The situation we face is far from hopeless. As Satish Kumar says, “The crises we face today are created by humans and what is created by humans can be changed by humans, so we are all capable of transforming our world.”

– Excerpt from Four Horsemen – The Survival Manual

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Kweku Adoboli is a former UBS trader who served over three and a half years in prison for a white collar crime in the U.K.

There’s More To Life Than Happiness

Is the pursuit of happiness even possible? Or does this goal actually make life increasingly miserable and liberty more elusive?

Lies, Damn Lies and Climate Statistics

Host Ross Ashcroft talks to Professor Steve Keen to understand the extent to which mainstream economists have been peddling their ideology as scientific fact and the damage their blinkered ideology has done to the future of our planet. 

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