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Narcissism + Neoliberalism = The Life Of I

Competition Is Killing Us

2021 – Looking Forward

Prosperity Gospel… Buying Salvation

Four Horsemen: Deutsche Edit

Four Horsemen – German language version

This version was developed in conjunction with Markus Koch.

Also on Renegade Inc

Capital in the 21st Century

The corporate rigging of economies and the monopolization of capital in the 21st century has resulted in vast inequalities.

Lions Led by Donkey’s

The phrase lions led by donkeys was used by British front-line soldiers in the First World War. They were the brave lions who were sent to their deaths by incompetent and often indifferent leaders.

“Comply or Die: The myth of the Great Reset”

Any new world designed by the same people who presided over the last one, will not solve the fundamental ‘disease’ that has plagued humanity for centuries.

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