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The wage labour system is based on slavery laws & we should can it

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Generation Crunch

In fearless Renegade Inc. style this week, we play with fire by attempting to unlock the intergenerational conversation that often spoils Christmas.

Beyond the generalisations of who has had it tougher, today’s economic benefits don’t seem to be as abundant. Everyone is being caught in the squeeze from pensions to housing, education and job security. So should we defuse or detonate the demographic time bomb?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the young writer Abi Wilkinson and the distinguished author John Sutherland.

Also on Renegade Inc

Batsh*t Construction

Host Ross Ashcroft talks with the anthropologist David Graeber about Batsh*t Construction, a trend that has gripped the world.

The Great British Enclosure

Unless we start calling the housing crisis by its real name: extreme land monopoly - we’ll end up with ever more loony solutions for what should be a basic human right.

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