Successive British governments have used the Private Finance Initiative since the early 90’s to fund infrastructure and public spending – but the scheme has always been controversial.

The public/private partnership was supposed to create efficiency in public spending although the reality has been very different.

Host Ross Ashcroft asks Allyson Pollock, Ian Fraser, Ann Pettifor, Dr Bob Gill and Laurie Macfarlane if PFI has been beneficial to the public or has it been – as the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland publically claimed – “a fraud on the British people”?

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2 thoughts on “PFI – A Fraud on the People

  1. Thank you for this platform. I live in Australia but was originally from Lancashire which Chris Hedges would call a sacrifice zone to the neocon con. As a satellite state of Empire US or UK the Australian established power base mimics our owners. The public private rip off is still being sold to us too as living standards for the ordinary people decline. Your show helps make sense of it all. Please keep up the good work.


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