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Meet the Renegades: Martin Sandbu

In this episode of Meet The Renegades we speak to economics writer Martin Sandbu from the Financial Times.

His recently released book ‘Europe’s Orphan: The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt’ attacks the current thinking of what politicians and policy makers in Brussels and Frankfurt consider to be self-evident.

In this show, Martin gives us some unconventional and fresh insight into the eurocrisis and argues that the Euro has been the scapegoat for all of Europe’s current economic problems.

Has the real problem been the fact that the real issue lays within our leaders’ inability to think differently?

Also on Renegade Inc

The wage labour system is based on slavery laws & we should can it

Most employment law, if not all of it, needs to be thrown out and replaced with legislation that wasn’t built on more than 150 years of master/slave law and precedent.

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One of the greatest social problems we face is the virtual debt prison, has the time now come for the masses to break free from the economy's debt vultures?

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