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The Empire Feeds Off The Republic

Will The US War Machine Roll On?

Two Renegades Speak Truth To Europe

China! China! China!

War on Terror

How much of U.S. foreign policy is genuinely altruistic? In this extract from the documentary Four Horsemen, we explore how much the war on terror is actually influenced by banks and corporations that profit from it.

Watch the full documentary here.

Also on Renegade Inc


Like bankruptcy, societies and complex systems collapse slowly and then all at once. Indi Samarajiva, and Matthew Ehret, met up with Renegade Inc. to discuss.

Trouble In America

With Joe Biden set to be sworn in as president, how will the US begin to re-engage a polarised society on the verge of collapse?

The War Hawks Come Home To Roost

When will we finally see through the spin to ensure there’s no more war?

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