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‘The BBC’s Road To Damascus…?’

Afghanistan: The Graveyard Of Empires

Hasta La Vista Guardianista!

Endless War Keeps The Middle East On The Floor

Camp Kotok: Leland Miller

From Camp Kotok in Maine, Ross Ashcroft speaks to Leland Miller, president of China Beige Book International.

They discuss the current landscape of the Chinese economy as well as Miller’s predictions for the next 5 years.

Also on Renegade Inc

The West Goes Insane Over Ukraine

Less than 100 days into his presidency and Joe Biden is already angling for war with Russia.

The Empire Feeds Off The Republic

Will the US oligarchy remain unsatisfied with its successes and continue to push for the failure of other countries in the insatiable quest for so-called exceptionalism?

Wrappin’ Our Flags Around Our Jabs

Is the West's blinkered approach to the pandemic undermining the universal public health principle of medicines for all?

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