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Not so long ago communist China was not a player in international finance, neither was the then Soviet Union.

Step a little further back in history and you will see that in fact the European age of material science, trade and production for trade in the 16th century AD started out as a blessed relief after a period of terror and exploitation by religious powers i.e. the Spanish inquisition in the century previous.

Before this trade and economic activity was rudimentary without much social power.

In fact no particular era of dominance by any psycho-social class will last forever. Just like the reins of society will be forced out of the hands of todays money minded cleptocratic social class, the reins slipped out of the hands of the religious class lording over people in the 15th century. Before them the warriour class held sway until they lost the grip with the Roman empire losing its vitality and splitting apart.

How does the end of each era come about?

The end of the warrior empire was brought about by military means. The warriors of Rome and their leaders had turned poor, soft and luxury loving, and they fell and were overwhelmed by the Goths: hard, proper warriors. This then opened the door for the influencers of religion to obtain more and more power over the following 1000 years.

The religious thinkers who during hundreds of years originated timeless artworks, architechture and writings and social codification in their particular spirit, degenerated into power grabbers, oppressors and brutal sadists as per that of the inquisition. One can say that their clear stream of inspired intellect became extremely filthy and crooked, and the time came when a new stream of  inspired intellect, that of the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, broke their strangle hold. From this point on people were free to pursue different directions of thinking, and those who could not compete in discovery started competing as industrialists and merchants.

Like beats like

It can be seen that a military dominating class, weakened by excess, was beaten militarily, and similarly a religious or intellectual class was vanquished by a stronger fresher less polluted intellectual force. It can be argued that what will put an end to todays conspicously consuming, immoral and criminal cleptocratic class will be a much more agile peer to peer group of business and democracy innovators that do it differently in a fundamental way – so differently that the dogmas of the present status quo will fall away and present an outlet for the next psycho-social group to grab the reins of society.

Who’s next?

Who will rip the reins from out of the hands of the unwilling oligarchs and bankster criminals? Who constitute the next psycho-social group to make an impact after the moneyed class is pulled off its perch? We can get an idea of this if we look at who is:
a) exploited enough to be motivated to tear down the old exploitative order, and
b) brave enough to face the danger of acting against the powers of the old order and/or thinking independently enough to speak up against the prevailing prejudices of the established order.

If enough martial minded people, or alternatively, intelligent educated people with an independent streak are thrown into the gutter of low paid menial jobs or no jobs, with no way of gainfully utilizing their talents, and leaders among them step up, they will lead the masses in the pulling down of the old order and form the next psycho-social group in ascendancy. A second martial or intellectual era will ensue after a medium to short period of chaos and destruction. Of course with proper leadership the period of chaos and destruction can be minimised.

The social cycle moves on

Every psycho-social grouping in ascendancy will succumb to exploitative tendencies sooner or later, simply because humanity as a whole is not evolved enough to direct infinite longings away from the material world of power and possession to the inner world of psycho-spirituality, and won’t be for a long long time. So after one era the next must be brought about sooner or later. I think the era  of the traders, industrialists and money masters will not return within a generation. They won’t be welcome back to the wheel as long as what they did this time around remains in living memory.

From a Renegade Correspondent – Peter Jadinge

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