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The Racket Of National Security

Riots – The Language Of The Unheard

Thugs With Badges: Is America a Failed Police State?

Thugs With Badges: Is America a Failed Police State?

Where from Here: Blueprint Or Scramble?

The War for your Mind

The propaganda battle for our hearts and minds has become increasingly sophisticated. Nowhere has this been demonstrated more clearly than over the war in Syria.

Media that support regime change have peddled falsehoods as facts which have bounced politicians into taking aggressive military action.

So how do we break a vicious cycle that allows the media to facilitate the wanton acts of the military industrial complex?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford and founder of Media on Trial, Sheila Coombes.

Also on Renegade Inc

Casino Gulag – The US Empire Plays Russian Roulette

We met up with the broadcaster and film maker, Max Keiser, to discuss whether the American Empire is repeating history within the context of a global economy arguably at the point of collapse.

White Helmets or Whitewash?

What is the British taxpayer not being told about the ongoing war in Syria?

When The Truth Bombs

We discuss the recent OPCW report to understand the true nature of power and the real meaning of contemporary events.

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