Four Horsemen Director Ross Ashcroft answers audience questions arising from the film.

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One thought on “Four Horsemen Q&A

  1. Your film has had a profound effect on me. Congratulations! I know it was 2013 but I love it and have sent it along with more recent shorter clips with Peter MacFadyen and Prof. Michael Hudson to our Federal Labor Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese, and to our ABC Four Corners program to ask if they can do an up-to- date Australian expose on similar lines to open the eyes of the Aussie viewer.. and to several friends who may have the attention span to watch it. (They will no doubt label me a nutty old woman, but do I care?) I only hope they pay attention.

    I stumbled upon your Four Horsemen film after I had written and submitted a Short Play, ‘Mythology Madness and Mayhem’, for my local theatre group in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia. Not sure if it will be accepted yet. The four horsemen are my characters, worried that if the world does not survive then they will vanish too! It also touches on a range of universal issues and hopefully the funny bits work. I penned a tune for the finale ” We are not to blame guys, we are not to blame, We are a biblical creation from the Book of Revelation, We are the harbingers of doom, We herald imminent destruction, We know the world is out of tune, If you see us on our horses be sure we’re coming after you etc.. Your film gave me great confidence that I was on the right track. So thanks for that. I wait with anticipation for the sequel you mentioned on the Q&A clip on Renegade Inc. Keep up the good work. P.S. I was so impressed I found the button to print the transcript. Yay! Lots of paper though.
    Happy New Year!

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