Shortly after Julian Assange was arrested on the morning of Thursday 11th April, there were a flurry of announcements and tweets from British cabinet ministers that included the phrase “no-one is above the law”.

“Julian Assange is no hero and no-one is above the law” – Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary, on Twitter

“I would like to thank Ecuador for its co-operation & the metropolitan police for its professionalism. No-one is above the law” –Sajid David, Home Secretary, on Twitter

“I am sure that the whole house will welcome the news this morning that the Metropolitan Police has arrested Julian Assange…in the UK, nobody is above the law” –Theresa May, Prime Minister, on the floor of the House of Commons

In carrying out their ‘messaging duties’ with such consistency, these three Sultans of the Soundbite have unwittingly put their finger on the central issue. The issue that Assange reveals, that governments deny, that ‘journalists’ avoid:

Governments clearly ARE above the law

What will now follow, from politicians, commentators and media figures on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean…is a concerted effort to focus on the ‘guilt’ of Julian Assange; to ignore the truth of what he has revealed. Normally, at this point, I would produce a list of evidence to back up what I’m saying, as I did in my previous piece on Julian Assange in October 2017:

But I will not do that here:

If you don’t know the extent of the atrocities committed by the United States of America in its conduct of the Iraq war…I suggest you go to Wikileaks and see for yourself. Don’t take, or dismiss, my word for it – go there. Do what the government wants you NOT to do; NEEDS you not to do…see and think for yourself.

When you’ve done that, ask yourself: “Do I want to live in a society where the government can do anything it likes, deny its own wrong-doings, lie about what it does and doesn’t do…all with no consequences?” Ask yourself: “Do I trust politicians to police themselves, to hold themselves to account, to speak truth to their own power, or to the powers that rule them…the ‘money men’ who fund their careers?”

The politicians condemning Julian Assange the loudest, are liars and hypocrites. They are protecting their arses from the truth. He threatens them because he reveals the TRUTH about the sort of men and women they are. He threatens them because they KNOW that if the full extent of government sanctioned crimes ever came out, they would be out of a job, and in many cases in jail.

As for the minnows and the followers, most of them are idiots…people who are happy to ignore uncomfortable truths…to be ignor-ant. People so lacking in commitment to the truth, that they’ll bray like donkeys and bleat like sheep if it gets them a pat on the head or a bit of relief from the agony of the Brexit fiasco. They disgust me, as do the pompous sleazebags at the Times and the spineless wimps at the Guardian.

There are ALWAYS consequences. Consequences are part of universal NATURAL law which no-one, not even politicians and billionaires are exempt from…however much they think they can cheat the universe. There are spiritual consequences just as much as there are physical consequences, they just take longer to materialise. Step off a cliff, and get ready to meet an aspect of natural law known as gravity – a real force that doesn’t care who you are. Allow yourself to be ruled by lies; suspend your conscience for an easy life inside the herd…and get ready for a society defined by moral bankruptcy and mental slavery…or rather…more of those things.

The consequences of allowing Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States, will be the continuing erosion of values that we claim to cherish, but are too damned apathetic to fight for: truth, freedom, responsibility.

The extradition of Julian Assange is a litmus test. Washington knows this, Whitehall knows this, as do the scumbags and shadowy figures lurking in the security services and the media. There is a ‘narrative war’ being fought. For those of us who genuinely care about truth, it’s a war we can’t afford to lose.



MarkGB is a retired UK businessperson with 35 years experience of working with people from 30 countries and six continents. He is not a member of any political party and does not represent any vested interests. He offers an independent view on economic and political events as they unfold.

Mark’s blog is & you can find him on Twitter @MarkGBblog

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