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Poverty: The White Horse

Since the advent of agriculture, and the realization by certain people that control over land is the surest route to political power, all human societies have been unequal. Most have been very unequal, but few have been as unequal as global society today. The real problem is not inequality per se, it is the methods that the elite uses to set itself apart. To create such inequality you have to deny viable economic opportunities to many people. Only an economy that condemns millions to inescapable poverty can deliver vast wealth to a few.

No permanent solution to poverty is possible under any of the variants of capitalism that have been tried over the last century. And, while state socialism may have created a more equal society, it did so by making everyone equally poor and demanding intolerable sacrifices.

Tinkering at the margins of the current system will not make any difference. The system is so internally compromised that efforts to improve one area will inevitably make things worse in another.

The economic sphere appears immune to the considerable moral advances of recent times. More people care about the fate of their fellow humans today than ever before, but this extended moral concern hasn’t led to fundamental changes to the economic system. The desire of many people to create a better world should make the task easier, but progress is glacially slow.

A new economic paradigm is needed: one that draws on the insights of often marginalized economic thinkers; one that hasn’t yet been tried. That paradigm will be outlined in this book.

– Excerpt from Four Horsemen – The Survival Manual

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