The establishment and the media have started using ‘fake news’ as a catch-all phrase about stories which don’t fit their agenda. In terms of trust, the mainstream media today is at an all-time low. Apparently, truth is now subjective.

On this show, from Merthyr Rising festival in Wales, we ask if the term ‘fake news’ is here to stay and why it has made such a big splash during these economically unstable times?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by activist and writer Lindsey German, media analyst Dr. Mike Berry, and former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.

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One thought on “Fake News

  1. The BBC began to decline in terms of news output when Blair fired the Director General plus many journalists. Since then their most popular news broadcasts have ceased to ask questions to any major political figures. The only exception is Newsnight. However, Newsnight has so few views that they can still get away ẃíth asking difficult questions, but sadly has little impact. C4 news is the only one in my view which spends enough time on the topic to ask any real questions – which seems to all too often annoy those being asked. Again though they can do this due to the relatively small audience.

    BBC News has also really dumbed down its content, for example leading on Bakeoff going to C4 once, rather than a serious news topic.

    Being an ex-pat I only see the UK broadcasts when back home but BBC World News is pretty devoid of any serious discussion either. They more or less accept the prevailing views, in particular when it comes to economics. They did however try quite hard to analyse all positions during the Brexit debate. This was a rare becon of actual journalism.

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