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What’s Killing Creativity?

The Creative Industries are worth about £10million pounds an hour to the UK economy. But few of us have the patience needed to put up with being continually patronised by another piece of infantile advertising.

“You’ve got to separate craft and context, concept. There are a lot of people calling themselves creative who are actually mere stylists. And that’s absolutely where we’re at now. There is no creative thinking. There is just a lot of style.”

So are creativity and commerce comfortable bedfellows?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the author and renowned advertising man Dave Trott and asks: What’s killing creativity?


Also on Renegade Inc

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Host Ross Ashcroft met up with community organizer and civil rights activist, Larry Hamm in Newark, New Jersey, to discuss how the issues around injustice are as pertinent now as they were during Dr King's time.

Gangsters for Capitalism

The hegemony of the US is sustained through military power and economic coercion, but this requires the continued subservience of the media and the consent of the majority of citizens across the west. MarkGB explains why we need to pay attention to what is being said.

Our Spectator Democracy Costs The Earth

Could it be that the word and the idea 'Democracy' need to be repeated endlessly because people now no longer feel they actually live in one?

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