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Thinking Differently with Lord David Puttnam (Pt 1)

In the first episode of our new podcast series Thinking Differently, Ross Ashcroft speaks to Oscar winning filmmaker, educator and chair of Atticus Education, Lord David Puttnam.

In this first half, David Puttnam shares memories from his childhood and discusses his career and inspirations as a film producer as well as his work in the House of Lords and his role in shaping public policy for climate change.

Click here for part 2. 

Also on Renegade Inc

Staggering Hubris with Rafe Hubris BA (Oxon)

In this special edition of Renegade Inc., we met up with a key adviser to PM, Boris Johnson.

Renegade Retrospective 2021

We look back over the year at some of our best interviews.

Guy Standing: Power To The Precariat

A dangerous new class of socioeconomically excluded people called the precariat is on the rise.

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