Rising Tides


You only have to experience the futility of a climate breakdown debate to understand how disconnected human beings have become from nature. When it comes to the natural world our human superiority complex prevents us really connecting with the very thing that sustains us. Like the Amazon, the irony burns. So we need a rethink.

Extreme Cities & Economics of Apartheid


Many of us make the assumption that cities are a safe haven or a controlled environment able to negate the effects of man-made climate change. But what if this assumption is counter-intuitive and actually it’s the city dwellers who are most vulnerable? We speak with author Ashley Dawson about the two huge global tides.

A Leaderless Revolution


After much exploration, one of the things that has truly inspired Bruce Parry is the idea of egalitarian living. He doesn’t want to turn back the clock but he does want us to rethink our leadership structures and muster the courage to look within so we’re able to fundamentally change the modern, western narrative.

The Quickening


Maintaining the status quo is an increasingly difficult job. A more informed global public now means that selling war, lying in the media and justifying crony capitalism is met with understandable disdain. This is a problem for the establishment and the propagandists who work on its behalf. For propaganda to work, you need people to […]

The New Build House of Cards


When bosses of house building companies receive hundred million pound bonuses to perform a basic commercial role you know something has gone badly wrong with our economics and also with our governance. When they can’t provide quality products or decent customer service you also realize that something has gone badly wrong with their business model. […]

The New Gold Rush


No wonder extinction rebellion is in overdrive. Despite publicly backing the 2015 Paris deal to limit global temperature rises, one billion dollars has been spent on PR or lobbying by Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Total and BP. Their aim is to operate and expand fossil fuel operations. But what if these archaic players are fighting […]

The Golden Question – Time vs Money


Time is money has become the mantra in the West. This mentality means that “busy” is now a modern badge of honour, a social currency that’s competitively traded amongst peers, friends and colleagues. But if hectic is the new metric, is all this running around chasing cash and servicing debt actually getting us closer to […]

Britain’s Imperial Hangover


In British corridors of power the legacy of empire still lingers. The UK is no longer the global player it pretends to be, but nor is it introspective enough to truly look after its own citizens. On this show we talk to Professor Danny Dorling, author of more than a dozen books on issues related to social inequalities in Britain and several hundred journal papers.