‘Wheels’ – a song still too relevant today


Forty years ago, Mark GB penned a song ‘Wheels’. It had an outing at a time in history which doesn’t seem out of place in a news piece today. What the song was about – the corrupt system of bankers, arms-dealers, corporations, ‘old money’ & bent politicians – is the same now as it was then.

Does anyone interesting live in London anymore?


As London has become a global financial hub and a real estate speculators dream, it has priced out the people who once made the city diverse, interesting and cosmopolitan. What happens to the arts if artists can no longer afford to live in the big smoke, or attend its increasingly elitist art schools? This week we’re on the road at Sunday Papers Live, talking with artist, Darren Coffield about the silent art exodus from London and asking: Does anyone interesting live in London anymore?

Deep State Lies: No Facts, No Evidence, Just Russia, Russia, Russia


The deep state and the perpetual war machine will do anything to provoke WWIII with Russia. Even if that means fabricating lies to bolster their position.

Why I won’t be on ‘Daily Politics’ again


When Crispin Flintoff was asked onto the BBC his cautious mind thought ‘this sounds too good to be true – and if it’s too good to be true then it’s too good to be true’.

Havana: city of dreams underpinned by harsh socioeconomic realities


Havana is a city of dreamers and dreams; of myths and fantasies, where “anything is possible”. But it is also a city that cannot escape a present guided by the dark forces of its past. In essence, Havana is a contradiction that represents the antithesis of the kind of nightmares imposed on it by its superpower adversary 90 miles away.

Gods and monsters


Western liberal democracies may emphasise the separation of church and state, but in practice their attempts to control the population are similar to the pre-Enlightenment days where human nature was seen as unchanging, private property ‘natural’, and the power of Kings a fixed, grand purpose designed and ordained by God. Much like the industrial revolution resulted in a grand transfer of power from feudal landlords to corporate grandees, it is unlikely that the establishment will be able to control the forces which Corbynism has unleashed.

Minimal Effort: Opinions!


In which Sir Fancy Mammoth and Proletariat discuss absolutely-nothing-stop-arguing-with-me.

Lee Camp just destroyed the entire establishment narrative about RT


After all the mainstream media’s fuss about the Trump administration’s “war on the press”, you’d think we would be hearing more than crickets from them as this same administration makes the shocking move of forcing RT America to register as a foreign agent. Luckily, as always, we can at least count on Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp to rip all this bullshit to shreds.