Pentagon report declares US empire ‘collapsing’


Stunning new Pentagon report declares the American empire is collapsing, revealing that the Department of Defense is waking up to the collapse of US primacy, and the rapid unraveling of the international order created after the Second World War. Important read by Dr Nafeez Ahmed on what is driving American decline, and what comes next.

The Cost of Western Foreign Policy


The 2003 invasion of Iraq is an unresolved issue in the hearts and minds of the British people. A vocal critic of the Iraq war, foreign office diplomat Carne Ross directly contradicted the official line that there was ‘no alternative to war’.

‘Sleep-walking into disaster’: Petya an act of state-based cyber-warfare


Far from ransomware, last week’s Petya attack was actually an act of state-based cyber-warfare designed to cripple the Ukranian economy, security experts say. Now it is out in the wild, the code has the potential to bring entire economies to a screeching halt.

Hiring Osborne: Curious George Goes To Manchester (Uni)


Having helped lay waste to the British economy, Tory MP George Osborne has been rewarded with an honorary teaching position in the economics department of Manchester University.

Call out the obfuscators


We are living in weird and terrifying times, and people want straight answers. But the conspiracy of obfuscation which pervades government and business has resulted in the global collapse of public debate and shared understanding, writes Rupert Morris.

Corbyn’s silver lining playbook


Jeremy Corbyn’ has reminded us what it means to live in a democracy, and who elections are for. With but six words, he returned power to the people, and now there is no turning back.

George Osborne: The Vainglorious Chancellor


Neil Wilson examines the Tory MP George Osborne’s culpability for the damage he caused to the British economy whilst he was Chancellor.

Older and undereducated


Election outcomes are no longer driven by class. Rather, it is education and age that are the key indictors of voting behaviour in the UK, writes researcher & author, Graham Brown-Martin.