Grenfell Fire: A Tale of Two Cities


How in London the poor must suffer while absentee luxury apartment owners leave them empty to collect dust…

Have we been DUPed?


After an election campaign in which Theresa May tried to paint Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as an IRA sympathiser, the election result is full to the brim with irony as the Tories negotiate a coalition with the DUP, a party with ties to Northern Ireland terrorists.

Mayday Mayday Mayday


A coalition of Conservative chaos is now hostage to Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party after a snap election in which the right-wing British media chose to paint Jeremy Corbyn as an IRA terrorist sympathiser.

Venezuela on fire: What happened


Venezuela’s experiment with democracy is falling apart. With rising totalitarianism, an economic crisis and food scarcities, more than 50% of Venezuelans want out of their own country.

Reality bias


There comes a point where the striving for ‘balance’ requires Lewis Carroll levels of delusion, says Jem Roberts… When the idea of writing this column was first put to me by a very kindly person with small birds twittering around their head, the issue of ‘balance’ was hit upon very quickly. ‘Political balance’ is something […]

Tables turn on Theresa & her Tories


A month ago, Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn was being written off as a socks-with-sandles leftist academic…so how have the tables turned so close to election day?

What you need to know about the Naylor Review of the NHS


As a family doctor it became increasingly obvious that the NHS was being deliberately run down. My patients were not getting good and timely care, often not being admitted due to lack of beds, or being discharged prematurely and suffering as a result.

Prof. Steve Keen on Government Surplus


In this Renegade Short, Professor Steve Keen explains why the government isn’t supposed to balance it’s accounts like a household.