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Meet the Renegades: Johann Hari

Johann Hari is the author of ‘Chasing the Scream‘, which deconstructs the War on Drugs and the myth that decriminalising drugs will worsen already abhorrent circumstances.

In this episode of  Meet the Renegades, Johann explains how our perception of drug addiction is completely wrong, why the War on Drugs hasn’t worked and offers alternative solutions. He shares insights on programmes which are thinking differently about drugs for example in Switzerland and Portugal, both of which have had dramatic results.

This war continues because we dehumanise everyone involved.

If we can’t or won’t attempt to understand the catalyst for most drug use, drug addiction will continue to be an impossible problem to solve. Could it be that the weight of social and emotional forces weigh so heavily on drug addicts that the are the only offer of escapism?

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection, the core of addiction is about not wanting to be present in your life because your life is too painful a place to be.

The foundation of unhappiness, which often fuels drug abuse are cultural standards that are not constructive for humanity.

We ask Johann how then do we start changing those standards to ultimately improve the lives of those suffering from drug addiction?

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