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As Russiaphobia hits new highs the British political class and neoliberal media have stooped to new lows. 

If we took as much care with our media consumption as we did our diets, we’d have a much healthier democracy.

Who needs evidence anymore? No-one it seems. Not journalists and certainly not politicians. RTUK has been a flea in the ear of the sickly economic elephant that is the UK for a few years now. Speaking truth to power and allowing the marginalised voices to tell their stories. RTUK is the mosquito in the neoliberal tent. And the neoliberal media understandably hate it.

Its presence and leadership promotes free speech. We speak first hand. Our experience is that despite being permanently maligned as ‘Kremlin-backed propaganda’ RTUK is independent of any editorial control.

As an independent media organisation who works with RTUK let us let you into a secret and tell you what the big problem with RT really is… Ready? The problem is that RTUK is that it is the threat of a good example.

RT gives its teams total editorial control and it always has. Occasionally they put some of our programmes through legal clearance but this is best practice. This is why RTUK has a good record with Ofcom.

So unlike other broadcasters in Britain, RTUK cannot be controlled. It is independent of British government influence. It is a bastion of free speech. Which is an issue for a weak government without any meaningful leadership who is presiding over an economy that is a busted flush.

This is the real issue.

Not the fact that a British/Russian double agent has been poisoned. Not the fact that there is no evidence. Not the fact that killing a Russian national on British soil weeks before the Russian presidential elections would be total lunacy. Not the fact that literally anyone could have done this.

The issue here is that debt-driven economic model the west has peddled for about forty years is blowing up and the neoconservatives (neocons) can’t get the people to bail it out again so they are left with very few options. But those neocons need to be careful what they wish for.

If they come after RTUK they – by definition – come after free speech. If they come after free speech we should all be very concerned. Kill free speech and silently you support the war hawks who have wreaked havoc ‘spreading democracy’ around the world.

Stand up for free speech and we all have a chance of peaceful cohabitation based on dialogue, not dogma. Talking and understanding is the sign of a strong leader, sabre rattling is not.

Weak leaders like Tony Blair who put his CV above the interests of the nation have shown the world how not to do foreign policy. Weak broadcasters and the neoliberal press let him do it.

This lesson must be learned.

There has never been a more important time for truly independent media. Ban reasonable dissenting voices because we have a lame duck British political leader who is trying to acquire a semblance of credibility and very quickly you will wake up to a banquet of unintended consequences.

Scapegoat a good example like RTUK and you bolster the neo-cons and globalists who are hell-bent on regime change and plunder. If the last seventy years of invasions, proxy wars and coups have taught us anything then we must recognise that the first tenet of democracy is the freedom to express all views without fear or favour.

This is where freedom begins and it’s also where it ends.

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