Tim Hayward is a Professor of Environmental Political Theory at At Edinburgh University and founding Director of the Just World Institute and the Ethics Forum. He is a founding member of the Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought. He specialises in social and political philosophy, with a particular interest in an ecological perspective on its core questions, especially in relation to global justice. He also looks closely at questions of rights, both conceptual and practical. A background theme is the idea of fairness, as a concept and as a 'touchstone' of social and political thought in a variety of applied areas including autism, bullying policy, education, and trade. His current research focus is on Global Justice and Finance: "An interest that links my academic research to both my politics and personal life is learning from Cuba – a country of amazing people who have been through so much and give the world so much, both in practical terms and in terms of ideas of how to live with vibrant sustainability. "My ambitions here are modest – and I am always mindful of the retired professor in Havana who told me that in his seventy years he didn’t feel he’d really got to understand the country – but that doesn’t mean we cannot learn a few useful things."
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