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Meet the Renegades: Graham Brown-Martin

In this episode of Meet the Renegades, Graham Brown-Martin talks about his journey questioning the school system through his platform Learning Without Frontiers.

The bad news about the education system is that it is highly standardised and oppressive. The good news is that we have the ability to combat the inertia.

“But if you as a parent are interested and remain interested in remain engaged in your child’s education, that is the biggest factor in terms of their success. “

The education system has refused to change despite technological advances and our changing working environment. The generations in school now are not equipped with the skills to answer the new challenges they will face such as population growth, climate change and antibiotic resistance. This generation needs to be able to make decisions to make the world a better place but astonishingly this is not what they are being taught.

“Education is all based around a factory approach and standardisation.”

This standardisation is not preparing generations for the future and it’s suppressing creative talent. Graham tells us how to survive the system: curation, self-resilience, curiosity and context.

Only by involving a wider audience in the education conversation can wean ourselves off the industrial educational monoculture and create something that is fit for the times in which we live.

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