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Our mission – Renegade Inc. is a new mainstream media platform which creates and broadcasts content aimed at those who think differently.  Its mission is to inform, illuminate and inspire, focusing initially on three sectors: entrepreneurship, self-learning and the arts.

Appearance versus Reality – More and more people are enquiring about how the world really works and how they can navigate their way through it.  These same people sense the disconnect between how the world is described to them and their own experience of it.

Change is the new norm – Much of our social, cultural and business landscape around the whole world is in a state of flux – changing faster and more fundamentally than is either expected or understood – and enabled by advances in technology and use of social media.

Opportunity and risk – This poses both opportunity as it is a catalyst for far reaching innovation, but it also poses risks – especially marginalised communities.

Partnership with our audience

Renegade Inc. works in partnership with its audience – recognising their appetite to embrace new ideas on which they will form their own opinions.  Renegade Inc. makes content which appeals to common sense and reaches the desire to understand how the world really works.  It aims to meet the latent/unfulfilled appetite of our audience for authentic ideas relevant to their legitimate interests in the world around them, empowering and informing along the way.

We aim to leave our audience partners better informed and more uplifted than when they joined.

Our framework – inform (raw matter) | illuminate (light) | inspire (energy) – offers signposts at each stage of the discussion.

Who is a “Renegade”?

A Renegade who is someone – through their actions – disrupts positively how people think and act.  Not referenced by demographics, gender or background, Renegades inhabit all walks of life.

The common ground is a desire to understand and where necessary challenge the status quo – all with a common purpose in mind to improve the quality of the world we live in – where improve means to facilitate humankind’s striving to improve itself.

This definition of Renegades includes people who are self motivating, and who promote the difference between value and money – understanding that financial profit is not a goal in itself, but is the result of effective activity and can be used as a resource for being more effective.

The Renegade mind-set has quietly created a social revolution of enormous consequence that happens once every thousand years. The power to influence and shape the “new world” lies quite literally in the hands of everyone.  The ideas of the future do not thrive with those intent on preserving the status quo.  The future shape of our world and society will be dictated by authentic thinking, partnerships with technology and science, solid educational grounding, and through connection of people with the arts and the encouragement of empathy.

Enjoy this platform.  If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know – you are our partners.

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