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A few weeks ago, former Prime Minister Tony ‘WMD’ Blair, the man responsible for the deaths of 1,000,000 Iraqis, was given column inches he doesn’t deserve by the Independent, which he used to publicly shame Corbyn for holding the wrong views on Brexit and encouraged Labour Party members to vote against their leader.

He spent the following weeks pushing for military intervention in Syria, without so much as a Parliamentary vote, let alone evidence that the Assad government was responsible for alleged chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta. He has characterised Corbyn’s condemnation of calls for yet another Middle Eastern war as both conspiracy and cowardice, which is an achievement.

This is the man who last year encouraged Labourites to vote Lib Dem or Tory rather than vote for Jeremy Corbyn at the last election, over his EU views and his pro-justice, anti-war stance. How far Labour has strayed from its base.

I wonder why the great majority of British people voted to leave the EU? Could it be that they’ve cottoned on to the fact that this whole free trade thing is another way for the government to say, ‘sure you can vote for me, but once I’m elected, sod it, you’re not my problem anymore, and we’ll go to war to prove it’? Voters are sick of being left behind. Casting them off as racist red-neck chavs will only strengthen their resolve for change.

Those who voted in favour of Brexit – or Trump – cast their ballots soberly and in good faith. They knew what they were doing. No claims of internet magic, Russian trolls, or a free-trade proxy war in Syria can compete with the god’s honest truth. Sure, voters are bound to find out, if they haven’t already, that Theresa May and Trump will do everything in their power to ensure their own financial and political interests continue to be prioritised over the needs of their constituents. But you can’t blame voters for trying. And at least Britain is trying. There is a reason why Jeremy Corbyn is a Prime Minister in waiting. Compare his agenda to May who until this weekend was sitting idle, awaiting instruction from President Trump before launching an illegal Syrian air strike, and whose austerity policies almost lost the Tories the election. Or ask yourself why Hillary Clinton isn’t President right now. If the answers aren’t obvious, you’re not looking hard enough.

People want jobs. Preferably the kind that cover the cost of living, that won’t run the risk of being made homeless due to late payment. They want financial security, and the knowledge they can live safely in properly secured homes that don’t burn down, or get seized by their bank if they have a bad trading quarter.

The establishment’s panic over Brexit demonstrates the vested interests in a remain equivalent, be it a ‘soft Brexit,’ a single market, or any one of the euphemisms for having their cake and eating it too.

Britain should leave the EU. Everyone should leave the EU. It is an industrial cartel that would sooner see millions suffer the effects of austerity than sacrifice a dollar of profits. One need only look at Greece to see the pernicious effects of corporate bureaucracy first hand. Or Syria for that matter. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Libya. Or Latin America. And one need only see what happens to those, like former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who try to oppose it: They are punished with expulsion.

Encouraging Labour to block Brexit is a coup against Corbyn and against the possibility of a government that prioritises the needs of its constituents over its wealthy donors. Shaming Labour for condemning the Syrian attacks is a coup against democracy.

This will not be the political renaissance Blair is looking for.

That’s karma for you…

In his opportunism, Blair has been revealed for what he truly is: a neo-con war criminal and political thug that will stop at nothing to ensure a bipartisan consensus to keep the military industrial complex alive, while condemning hundreds of thousands of Syrians and allied soldiers to their deaths, ensuring those ‘lucky enough’ to survive, along with millions of EU citizens, live the rest of their days in abject poverty.

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