Left To You

Maximising rational self-interest is such an embedded feature of modern Western culture that we suffer from a deep-rooted, often artificial sense of scarcity – of money, time and connection to others. By observing the Wayuu, Colombia’s indigenous community, we can gain a better understanding of the impact our culture has on our emotional life.

Fish through the net – my experience as a black student in Oxford

Data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that only 10 out of 32 Oxford University Colleges awarded a place to a black British pupil with A-Levels in 2015. Over six-years, Oriel College offered only one place to a black student. One of Oxford’s only black students, O. A. Clarke, says though it has the best of intentions, Oxford still does not possess the cultural nuance to foster true diversity across its student body. If its colleges are not institutions of “social apartheid” Oxford must be fully committed to social progress for such a culture to flourish.