Question everything

In a sensationalist world that operates at breakneck speed, many of us get caught careering between stimulus and response, rarely stopping to think critically about why we do what we do. More fundamentally, with nationalism on the rise, we ask: can philosophy enable us to think differently about our true identity? Stine Jensen is a Danish philosopher who lives in the Netherlands, a country and people that are not afraid of big or new ideas. We went there to meet her to find out about the importance philosophy has in our modern distracted world. We also wanted to know if Plato was right. Is the unexamined life really not worth living?

Neoliberalism – the force isn’t with you – teaser:

Paul Verhaeghe is a Belgian author and professor of psychology and psychoanalysis who claims that social change has led to a sort of ‘psychic crisis’ that has altered the way we think about ourselves. Implicit in the neoliberal doctrine is the introduction of shame, and obsession with professional achievement. Verhaeghe joins us on the show to discuss the problems with the way we interpret success and failure. Tune into Renegade Inc on RTUK on Monday the 22nd of January at 7.30am, 1.30pm, 6.30pm and 11:30pm, or stay glued to the website for upcoming episodes.