Amazon: hail the corporate overlord

Amazon is looking for a new home and has put the word out for the almighty “market” to provide. The tech giant has made entire cities complicit in the race to the bottom with promises of tax cuts and other financial incentives – bribes. It is not only looking for a host city, but a partner which can further its monopolistic plans. Myopic cash strapped cities are happy to oblige mistaking this extortion for opportunity.

I could have done that

Thanks to the commodification of culture, artists have been maligned and minimised to societal anomalies, indulgent characters living in an alternative universe whose success owes either to their innate eccentricity, or hopeless romanticism. Everyone’s a critic. The snobbish refrain, ‘I could have done that’, speaks volumes about the diminished role of art in dominant culture. 

“Active Workstations”: Another sleight of hand from your trusty HR department

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), which is the accrediting body of the profession in the US, recently ran a piece on the benefits of “standing desks and other innovative workstations solutions”. A definite read for anyone who is wondering what goes on in the minds of our corporate overlords.

The Industry of Suffering

Away from the motivational industry, it’s important to pause for reflection and critically assess how much of the suffering we face is acceptable to us and more importantly whether or not we can stand for this suffering being imposed on ourselves and others around us.

Freedom, the Economy, and the Rule of Law

Freedom has been the ultimate battle cry of liberal politics. Away from the political use of the term, which has become more so a term of propaganda than enlightened rhetoric, we have lost an important link with its conceptual roots. The discussion around freedom, often weighed by the politics of foreign policy, is pre-occupied with determining what freedom is not as opposed to what it is.